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Before fitting a new clutch, it is important to carry out a thorough assessment of your vehicle as many symptoms that indicate a faulty clutch may actually be something else – for example a slipping fan belt or engine revving.

If you think you’ve got a problem with your clutch, contact us for an appointment and we’ll carry out a free check to diagnose the issue.

Should the clutch need to be repaired or replaced, you can be assured that this will be done professionally, and cost-effectively using the highest quality parts.

Alternatively if you know your clutch needs replacing, just contact us to book an appointment. We'll even collect and deliver your car free of charge.

To book your clutch check call us on 01329 827979

We are open from 8am - 5pm on weekdays and from 8am - 12.30pm on Saturdays.

To book an appointment or get a free quote please call us on 01329 827979